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My Advice as a Corona Bride: Why We Think a Minimony is a Great Idea

Katie here, as some of you know I'm a corona bride myself so I definitely have lots to say and lots to share about what I have learnt trying to plan and get married during the coronavirus pandemic. To give you a bit of background (or an update if you have been following along on our journey!), myself and my partner were due to get married this April, but at a month to go we were forced to postpone to October this year. As the year has progressed and pesky coronavirus is not disappearing any time soon, we've had to readapt our wedding plans and have made the decision to go ahead with a minimony this year and postpone our big reception party to next year. Together with our families, we have decided this is absolute the right decision for us as a couple and we can't wait to final become Mr & Mrs Cotton later this year! So below is some reasons why we think a minimony is a great idea and might be just the right decision for you too:

What is a minimony?

First up, what is a minimony? In short a minimony is a condensed version of your original wedding day, meaning you still get to get married surrounded by your closest family or friends (at present the British government are allowing wedding ceremonies and receptions of up to 30 people) and then you can potentially host a larger scale reception/party in the future when guidelines are lifted. Given the uncertainty in the world right now, many couples are choosing this option in order to celebrate their marriage as a couple and move forward in their married life together.

Is a minimony right you you?

The most important thing is to decide as a couple what is best for you, as everything with a wedding is such a personal choice. As with all weddings it can be easy to seek opinions from others who are also emotionally invested in the day, but the decision should be based on what makes you as a couple happy, taking into account what your main priorities are and what feels right for you. Regardless of what other couples are doing never forget that if you feel a minimony is right for you that's great, but if you don't feel like it is that's fine too!

We hope the below tips can help you see why we think a minimony is a great idea for lots of couples and help you decide whether this is right for you:


If there is one thing this year has taught me it's that you don't know what tomorrow has in store and to cherish the little things. Having everything thrown in the air this year has really taught me the lesson of what is important and why we plan weddings in the first place. Gone are they days of crying about napkins and what colour flowers to choose, and I now realise more than ever that the day is about the two of you, celebrating your love and coming together as a married couple. The meaning can get lost in the midst of all the big plans and guest numbers, but when you strip this back it really makes you realise what a marriage is about and why you wanted to marry each other in the first place.


Although having to change your wedding plans is hugely disappointing, everything always has a bright side! By having less people to worry about and a more relaxed schedule, your stress levels as the event organiser should be significantly less. A more relaxed day will easy lots of your worries about schedules, timings and guests, and open up more time for sipping champagne and really getting to enjoy and cherish your time as newlyweds.


One of the biggest minimony pros to us was that we were done waiting and letting the virus dictate when we could and couldn’t do the things we wanted. After delaying once already, which is a position I know numerous brides are also in, we are determined to end this year married as we had always originally planned.


What better consolation for being a corona bride than getting to celebrate and be the bride and groom twice!! You can still have the big party like you planned next year while not compromising on when you get to be husband and wife, it really is the best of both worlds.


For those of you that enjoy the wedding planning process, you get to plan two! Perhaps you can think about booking and organising things for your minimony that weren’t appropriate for your bigger party/reception but would be so perfect for your smaller intimate gathering.


You and all your bridal party get to wear your outfits twice so you're getting more for your money. Or even better use this as an opportunity to buy a second dress! We suggest choosing an ex sample dress so you don’t have to break the budget. On average two wedding dresses from Ruby Frances Bridal cost the same as a ‘new’ wedding dress from a conventional bridal shop.


Or, if a big celebration is not for you, have just a minimony. Not only will this save on cost, with the 30 people restriction it is a great excuse to not have to invite or pay extra for your long lost cousins that you never speak to!


Although you get to have your immediate family and most important people present at your minimony, it doesn’t have to stop there! Technology these days is so good, make sure nobody misses out by hosting a watch party or live steam on social media. Apps like Facebook and Instagram are geared up for things like this and you can create a private group so that only those you want to view it can see. You can even send out invites to make your virtual guests feel even more a part of the day.


Once you have decided this is for you, go full force and embrace everything about it. Not many brides will be able to say they got married in the midst of a global pandemic! I remember being at school and writing a project on my Nannie’s experience through WW2 (Audrey Ruby Frances Kember – the same Nannie our shop is named after!) and I now imagine the day when my grandchildren write a project on coronavirus and I can tell them all about my wedding and show them the pictures! In short, you can guarantee your wedding will be one that nobody will ever forget.

Nonetheless, as we have all learnt the hard way this year, it is super important to remain open and prepared for change. During this uncertain times it is vital to remember that the situation is always evolving and could mean you have to again change your plans; however we’re strong believers that everything happen for a reason so just know that what is meant for you will never pass you by.

Our hearts goes out to every single bride, groom and couple who have had their wedding affected by COVID-19; we're here for you and we share your sadness. Just know that you are not alone and when your time comes, no matter what happens, you will get the dream wedding you deserve!


If you are a bride and would to book an appointment you can do so in the following ways: 01843 312324,, or by PMing us on Facebook or Instagram.

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